If you are thinking about a new project……… whether a new added room, a renovation of your existing home or cottage……. or a completely new residence, a well thought out PLAN is the essence of ensuring that the investment you make achieves the results envisioned.

At dlb Design we approach every project undertaken as if it were its own.  Being cost conscience does not translate to cutting corners, but rather, being smart in creating solutions and plans that are practical, buildable, and effective for the client.  Because of David’s many years in the construction industry, with his training, experience, knowledge, and creative expertise, he is able to offer conceptual ideas and recommendations to guide the client throughout the design process.

Things to Consider when thinking about a new project …………

  • Functional needs of the family or individual
  • Scope of work desired
  • Budgeting for the quality of the investment
  • Family life style
  • Personal preferences
  • Architectural character

Economics are generally the governing force in the overall consideration.  Investing up front to develop a conceptual approach leading to refinement and creation of a final plan can most often offer a savings in time and money over the long term.  Having a clear roadmap established will lead to a more successful outcome in reaching the desired objective.   For any type of project contemplated, a good “working partnership” between the parties is essential and a key to success.