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Many factors always enter into important decisions, particularly regarding one’s family, life style and investment in their home.  Over the years, David Babe has developed an appreciation for how significant those decisions can be regardless of the scope of work contemplated. 


From a small addition to a major renovation or a totally new custom home, any project, to be successful takes a respectful working partnership…..And David, since establishing his design service, has placed a priority on this basic principal.  No matter what type of inquiry comes, he will always LISTEN, and at the very least offer an honest opinion. 


Just as important as it is for a prospective client’s decision in selecting a company and/or individual to work with, it is also just as important to David in the projects he decides to be involved with.  For any project to have a successful outcome, dlb Design’s philosophy is that it takes a working “partnership” throughout the process. 


Having the integrity and forthrightness to be selective in deciding whether or not to undertake a particular project is a basic quality that is always in the forefront of dlb Design’s operation.  Being honest and upfront, and always respectful, is his way of conducting business.  dlb Design does not elicit work just for the sake of doing so, but would rather turn down a project if after careful evaluation, are of the opinion that the type of project or the situation does not lend itself to a successful and beneficial outcome for both parties.  However, dlb Design will always LISTEN, and, if they feel that a project is not suitable to their undertaking, they will always make an effort to offer advice recommending possible alternatives in the best interest of the prospective client.


When other architectural or design firms may be to expensive, to busy, or think that a project is not suitable for them, dlb Design and David Babe, having a flexible operation, can usually offer a solution.  Reasonable cost, expedited timing, personal involvement, direct one-on-one interaction have proven time and again to be a successful formula in achieving satisfied results.            


When a homeowner may be in a quandary not sure of how his or her idea can possibly be implemented; uncertain if what they’d like done can be accomplished; can it be integrated to suit the existing structure, harmonize with the architecture; how costly might it be; are there other design options…… well, that may be the time for David to have a look.  Often times it can be very beneficial to the homeowner to invest a limited amount up front for a consultation visit.  With the experience, creative skills and local knowledge, most times David can quickly establish realistic possible solutions and develop conceptual ideas and illustrations that will provide the client with a reasonable approach that is feasible with attention to budgetary concerns. 


For complex or difficult circumstances, defining a project’s scope of work that can meet the client’s objectives, is practical to build in compliance with codes and local ordinances, is a worthwhile approach that can benefit all parties.  Regardless of whether the project moves forward with dlb Design’s involvement, developing a conceptual plan to establish a clear guideline will generally result in an overall SAVINGS to the homeowner in soliciting design fees and construction bids by ensuring a clear line of communication.  Either way, make a call, dlb Design will always LISTEN!